The Red Dress

I’ve wanted a red dress for ages but I never had the courage to purchase one because it never felt like it was the right one. Red is a daring colour that I feel I can wear only when I want to add something special to an outfit. I love to see other people wearing … More The Red Dress

Rays of the past

9am. The first warm rays of the sun embraced us, making us hope for a beautiful day ahead. Eager to discover the beauty and history of York, we hopped off the train with big smiles. We took a step and then another, and another and we soon immersed ourselves in the overwhelming small town of … More Rays of the past

Burgers & Dreams

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I’m super excited for this as it’s the first post on my corner of the Internet. And what better way to inaugurate it than with a hearty, delicious and mouth-watering burger that will make you want to come back for more? Now, let’s follow the dream to the perfect burger. … More Burgers & Dreams